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Luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for any public space where design and performance are both priorities. Today’s premium vinyl tile manufacturers use cutting-edge photo printing technology to produce beautiful products that are suitable for any venue. With better resolution than sheet vinyl, tile is particularly well suited to projects where vivid colour and fine detail are necessary. Premium vinyl tile can mimic wood and other natural materials such as stone, cork, bamboo, and metal. As well, tile can be printed to resemble landscapes, such as autumn leaves on a forest floor, river beds, or a sandy ocean beach.

Better companies offer a wide variety of cool and funky patterns, along with a range of solid colors and tiles of different shapes. Custom options are also available for luxury vinyl flooring, from precision-cut tile to create original murals to repeating patterns featuring logos, images, or text.

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When designing a library, a healthcare facility, a school, museum, or another public space, you must always balance design and function. Premium vinyl tiles not only offer near-infinite design options, they’re also one of the most durable and cost-effective flooring materials. Vinyl lasts for years and holds up to spills, high-traffic volumes, and heavy rolling loads.


Premium vinyl often has special features that contribute to the safety of the product. For example, better companies test comprehensively for slip resistance and meet or exceed stringent international standards. Products designed specifically for healthcare centres, doctors’ offices, and seniors’ residences have particles of silver embedded in upper layers in order to combat bacteria, mould, mildew, and fungus. And better manufacturers create products that have low VOC emissions, as well as a percentage of recycled material used in construction.


Vinyl is also very easy to maintain, with minimal cleaning required. And when cost is a factor, luxury vinyl flooring can help you to achieve the look you want while keeping you under budget.

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